Life Is But A Dream — 3 Comments

  1. The fruit in the red box was a peach. Khlyen gave Little Dutch a peach when they first met. It was one of the very first things Aneela brought out of the Green (mentioned in 3.07). A peach holds symbolism to both Aneela and Dutch, but since Aneela was the only one to be able to see what was inside the box: the peach message was for Aneela. An apple is just an apple. A peach is a key.

  2. Your afromented apple is actually a peach. Peaches hold a lot of symbolism on Killjoys. Khlyen gave one to Little Aneela and Little Dutch. It was even one of the first things Aneela brought out of the Green. Since the box only showed the peach to Aneela, the message was specifically for her. Apples are just apples. Peaches are keys.