1. As the web admin for the Beyond site, I can assure you there is nothing fishy going on. Because BTFS is an independent film with out a major distribution deal, it’s up to us to get the film out there. The Bring it button is a straight forward attempt for us to gage interest across the country. This way when it comes time for us to release this movie, we can better judge the best regions to first release the film.

    I can also assure you that the numbers do represent real people. No funny business. Besides, it would not be helpful at all for us to fake any numbers.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  2. Was not suggesting that the numbers were faked. I do think that the numbers do not reflect any extraordinary demand for the film. The “demand” seems to come from large population centers such as New York City, where, I would venture, one could get 400 people to support almost anything.

  3. Ah, I Misunderstood, my apologies.
    You are correct it is much easier to amass larger numbers in larger population centers. And we are taking that into account. Because the release of the film will be a multi-teared release, it makes since to release first to the areas with the most demand, and yes, chances are most of them will be larger cities. But doing it this way will guarantee that the next stage of releases will be successful. Because BTFS is an indie film and we are not a multi-million dollar studio, releasing this way is both economical and ensures that we can bring the film to more places. It also raises the chances of getting a larger distribution deal. The multi-stage release is very common for indie films like BTFS, and the “bring it” button is just one way for us to gage interest and allow fans to help decide the fate of the film.

    You are also correct in the fact that currently our numbers are not very high. We have not made any big marketing pushes just yet to promote the film. Until the trailer is finished, having the production blog up is a way for us to get personal with the fans and build relationships.