Oct 252010

Traci Dinwiddie

Lynda Carter

Actually there are two Wonder Woman projects in the works. One of them is a TV series and the other is a film. I think Warner Bros. is so confident the series will be a success they are already planning a film to follow in 2013. And Traci Dinwiddie ,who is perfect for the role, is actively campaigning for it.

Problem is, this is the USA and superheroes, especially female superheroes, are mostly in their 20’s. Lynda Carter was 24 when she started playing Wonder Woman in 1975. Jessica Alba was 24 when she portrayed Susan Storm. Helen Slater was 21 when she played Supergirl. Lindsay Wagner was 27 when she did Bionic Woman, and the unfortunate remake of that show in 2007 featured 23-year-old Michelle Ryan as Jaimie Sommers. Dinwiddie was born in 1973.

So history is against Dinwiddie in her quest for the role of Wonder Woman. But just look at her. She’s perfect for the role physically, and she understands the role. (Go to her website and watch her video.) She’s got my vote.


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