1. I really like your articles about Helene Joy as she is one of my favorite actress; however I don’t know where you got the information that she tried to leave the show as she is filming now season 6.

    If that were the case she could have already left by the end of season 4 (will not tell you the story if you haven’t seen season 4 or 5 but the character’s departure could have been integrated in season 4 and it didn’t happen) but I have seen all the episodes so far and she is here to stay which is great for me because Julia is my favorite character in Murdoch Mysteries.

    I hope to read more about Helene or the show from your blog soon.

  2. I have researched this matter further and find that any references to her potentially leaving Murdoch Mysteries are no longer online. I have therefore deleted that reference entirely from the post, as it can not be substantiated.

  3. ah ok!! Yes I am glad she is still in the show as she is a fantastic actress and I love the William/Julia professional & personal relationships.

    If you are interested the website below has episodes of seasons 4 & 5 (season 4 you can have on dvd though but not yet season 5 as it is airing again in Canada on the channel that will put season 6 in January can’t wait for that).

    I live in the US myself and even if I am glad that Netflix has put 3 seasons on because PBS is taking its bl…dy time putting the program back I wouldn’t have been able to see other seasons if it weren’t for a friend in England or this website.

    I hope you will be able to see the videos (only if you want to use it of course), and if you have problems with seeing the episodes on that website, put a reply on your blog and I will check it and answer back.

    Sincerely 😉

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